Vision: Awaken joy, compassion, and peace through pervasive love and awareness.

Mission: Living Dhamma, self-realization, developmental and relational maturity, and service.


i. Our approach integrates traditional Buddhist teachings and practices with contemporary ones in a community built around spiritual friendship and inquiry. We do this by keeping our feet on the Earth, our hearts open to each other, and our vision far reaching. To support this aim we have created robust cohorts and designed classes, workshops, retreats, leadership training both on and off line.

ii. Integral Awakening is an open invitation to stop, inquire, and recognize what is true and liberating at the core of all existence. It considers the totality of the human being in the world we are living in now, integrating pervasive love and pervasive awareness into all facets of life.

It is a path of self-realization and human maturity based on a synthesis of Buddhist teachings, practices and modern discoveries in psychology.

We learn that we can experience our spiritual nature as pervasive and timeless while other qualities can be known at the same time like clarity, presence, stillness, bliss, and love etc. These qualities are available in our deep exploration of normal everyday experience. Integral awakening recognizes the uniqueness of temperaments, conditioning and ways of learning for each individual and advises skillful approaches that are good fits.

Whereas the ordinary mind is preoccupied with the material world, Integral Awakening sees what is pervasive and timeless as the essential truth we return to when our conditioning falls away. In this way, when we are working with psychological structures, Integral Awakening differs from other models that are intent on changing conditioning without naming a timeless pervasive truth that is our essence.

Integral awakening supports the full maturation of the human being which includes integrating in the world and uses meditation, inquiry, study, and discussions to support its aims.